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2005-02-23 (Wed)

[][] - Memory issue on tabs now fixed 21:20

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これは久しぶりに nightly 生活に戻る必要がありそう。

[][] [VOTE] 2.1.3 as beta 16:32

I'd like to get enough votes for 2.1.3 to be a beta and commence the feature freeze towards a 2.2.0 GA.

おー。 2.1.3 だ。 feature freeze か。 2.2.0 まだー?(わきわき

By this point, I think that if a super-cool feature hasn't made it in yet, it's time to admit that the feature missed the boat and it needs to wait until 2.4. I'm tired of waiting for 2.2 when there are excellent features in our trunk that are being held up for non-existent patches. -- justin

まったくもって I'm tired of waiting for 2.2 ですよ。


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